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At @Rosie’s we not only value our guests, but also the environment.

Therefore, we try to be as eco-friendly as we can.


We conserve water

With the installation of our grey water system, we reduce water usage by recycling shower water and using it to flush toilets. Other efforts include the towel and linen reuse program; we only wash when needed.


We conserve energy

The energy efficient, automatic lighting in our hallways and communal bathrooms only switch on when necessary. We also make use of solar powered mood lighting on the balcony. Additionally, we kindly ask guests to contribute by switching off lights and other electrical appliances when not in use.


We recycle

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, we implemented a recycling system. In our kitchen you will find clearly marked bins for glass, paper, plastic and compost. The compost is used to fertilize the garden.


We don’t use plastic room keys

Contemporary plastic key cards are made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) based plastic which is part of a highly toxic manufacturing process. @Rosie’s doesn’t make use of plastic key cards, instead we have durable metal keys.


Our cleaning products

We get our cleaning products from a local producer; instead of buying new cleaning products we save plastic by getting our bottles/cannisters refilled.


Drinking water

In the kitchen you will find a tap that dispenses filtered drinking water. Opt for our filtered water instead of buying plastic bottles.

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